Huge green eyes

I just dropped off my foster kitten, Olivia, at the monthly cat adoption event at PetSmart. Olivia is a foster kitten through ACN (Animal Compassion Network), a WNC no-kill nonprofit pet rescue organization that’s found homes for thousands of unwanted dogs and cats.

Livvy was ill, malnourished and pregnant when she was rescued from a neglectful home. She was 5 months old and only weighed a few pounds. She looked so young that it never even ocurred to me that she could be pregnant. Because she had a big belly and spindly legs, I treated her for worms.

She had an abortion with her spay. Cats have them too, and cats need them, too. She was too young, too sick, too small to birth and feed her babies. The kittens were third trimester.

She rebounded quickly from surgery and illness, though she remains thin and small. But she’s coming along. Like every other rescued animal I’ve cared for, she is so grateful to receive love.

I left her today at the PetSmart by the Walmart. She was hiding in the literbox in her adoption cage, afraid of the bright lights, noise, new smells. She looked to me with huge green eyes.

With every cat I foster I pray that they will somehow know who will truly love them, and who won’t. That they purr and rub against the kind and responsible person, and hiss and squirm in the arms of the person who thinks that cats are playthings. It’s hit and miss with animal adoption. ACN pre-screens, but some people give their animals food and shelter, but no real love. Livvy’s been through sickness, neglect, pregnancy, and surgery. She is only seven months old. I pray she lands a good owner.

Livvy is not the only hard-luck story at ACN. Many ACN animals are rescued from being homeless, being abused, and being neglected. ACN rescued animals from a Hendersonville shelter that flooded, drowning some of the shelter animals and leaving the rest homeless. From New Orleans, ACN still has some homeless Hurricane Katrina refugees separated from their owners and never reclaimed. One kitty at PetSmart today was rescued from living by a gas station, where the cat was fed but not given health care, shelter, or attention. The gas station attendant sold her for $5.

If you’re looking for an adoptable cat or dog to join your family, check out ACN’s adoption events. Cats are adopted on the third Saturday of every month at PetSmart from 11AM-3PM. Dogs are adopted the first and third Saturday. Adoptable ACN cats are also inside the store in a permanent adoption area, so you can see select ACN cats anytime PetSmart is open.

ACN always needs foster homes. I have found the foster experience to be incredibly rewarding. It’s also a great way to see if you/your kids are ready to adopt a pet. Learn more about volunteering with ACN here.

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