Livvy didn’t get adopted

At least not today, anyway.

A huge summer thunderstorm started coming in just as I was leaving to get her from PetSmart. I hoped it’d hit another part of town, as I need to trim my hedges today (and rake the clippings…and wash the car…and move some things around in the yard…).

Seconds after I thought “maybe this one will hit the East side like the last storm did,” I drove into a wall of rain.

It rained a furious torrent for a minute or two as I drove down 240W.

Now Livvy and I are home and the rain has stopped. Cats can tell when they’re home. As I pulled into the driveway, her nose twitched as she inhaled familiar smells, and she stood up and put her paws through the bars of a cat carrier door, wanting out.

She got booster shots and will be listless all day.

I’m off to eat lunch and go do outside things.

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