record heat globally

Today’s disturbing trend all over the blogosphere: global high temperatures. I found ALL of the following while browsing my usual bookmarked favorite blogs in a single morning’s casual reading.

CA heat wave takes out for 12 hours

New York City, Saint Louis, California: heat blackouts

Global heat wave

“The heat was unrelenting yesterday across the Southwest U.S., where most of California and Arizona set new high temperature records”

EU Wheat Prices Rise as Heatwave Threatens Crops

Scramble to Save Lives as Heatwave Hits Europe

106 Degrees in the Shade

BBC: Have Your Say — Have you been affected by the extreme weather?

Space Images Show U.K. Sweltering

I read a lot of blogs that cover the environment, so it’s no surprise that I find heat wave stuff there. But today even the BBC, science fiction authors, and Stanford chemistry students are talking about the heat.

One response to “record heat globally

  1. That’s your role, my role.

    Yes, our role – that’s your role, my role – everybody who uses energy that’s produced from non-renewal sources – is responsible for this change. This isn’t something that’s being done to us, it’s something we’re doing to our planet. So it’s within ourselves to change. Either we change before it gets dangerous – whatever that is – or we leave it until it becomes dangerous, it becomes a very deeply damaging event. But we will stop using carbon-based energy economy – guaranteed that there aren’t the hydrocarbons to keep us going for very long.

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