Autumn in the air

The change of season from summer to fall is in the air.

It’s August, early August at that. But the seasons don’t change overnight. They creep and seep in, flavoring earth and sky as they approach. Insects are harbingers, appearing and disappearing with the change of season.

Some signs of autumn are already here. I saw my first turned leaves — poison ivy leaves turned pink — last weekend during my trip to Lake Cherokee.

Today while edging the grass around my front walk, I disturbed two shiny black crickets, the kind that chirp so in autumn.

Autumn is spiderweb time. There’s a wide, subtle web spun across the front walk of my house that manages to span the walk, yet not break when I walk to and from the car. Just a moment ago, while taking out the recycling, I walked full-on into a different web. I had spiderweb in my hair, in my eyes, on my shirt. The frantic brushing and scrubbing at the skin to remove the web that feels so awful, wrong and foreign.

As someone who’s lived around spider-friendly landscaped yards for almost all of her life, I’ve observed something about walking into webs. The poor spider knows the very instant that the web is being destroyed and leaps to the ground before you walk all the way through (I saw this happen once when I managed to walk through a web in broad daylight.) There’s never a spider on you when you walk though a spiderweb — only web (and whatever was caught in the web).

Think about it — with the webs you’ve walked through, did you ever have a spider on you, or just web?

One response to “Autumn in the air

  1. I love your postings and I also totally have been in my own dreamy state of artist vortex and totally spaced that August 1st came and went….. I have however been noticing that our summer, here in Montreal, has been more like one long spring, for a while even behaving like fall in July… We have bumblebees living in our roof above our porch, as well as an abundance of spiders and spider webs. I was very shocked to witness bumblebees mating on my porch, although it took until the 3rd time of witnessing this before I realized what was going on (I wrote a blog about it). I did some research and normally bumblebees only mate in the fall; I think our wacky season has all our little critter friends confused… This is the first week our summer actually seems to be summer…

    I have walked into spider webs fairly regularly recently because we just had that many spiders and I know what you mean about them running for safe ground when they feel you touch their web; I have also seen them jump down or over onto a branch. But I have also gotten wrapped up in a web to discover a spider dangling down from my forhead as it makes it’s way to where ever it’s going to go build it’s new nest. I am learning how to not react anymore to the spiders when I find them on me… The wasps lately though have been attacking and eating alot of our spiders; I have never witnessed this sort of thing before…. nature is so interesting..

    Anyways thanks for sharing your blog! I have only just discovered it today but quite enjoyed what I have read!


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