My kind of person

My kind of person:

Has highly developed critical thinking skills.

Feels a strong attachment to nature and the land around her.

Has a moral center, i.e. has a cutoff point where human actions move from evil to good or vice versa.

Expresses himself well with the written word, and is comfortable doing so.

Is creative.

Is curious.

Is polite.

Is friendly.

Is authentic.

Is cheerful, even-tempered, and not prone to moodiness.

Is casual and not concerned with appearances.

Loves to learn about the natural world.

Is willing to compromise and make sacrifices for others; is aware of the needs of those around her, and sees to those needs when appropriate.

Has a sense of humor and can laugh at himself.

Responds to life’s trials with strength and resilience. Learns from experience. Shares that knowledge.

Is unafraid to ask for help.

Is humble (touches of healthy ego OK).

Feels strongly connected to family and friends, and spends time with them.

Understands that not everyone thinks as she does or can do the things she does.

Has a gift for explaining things.

Controls his anger and does not lash out at others.

Does not gratuitously blame others for her misfortunes.

Is able to admit it when he is wrong, and when appropriate, is able to apologize.

Loves good food and simple pleasures.

Has a sense of personal style.

Tries to see the biggest picture possible.

Is independent and has a strong sense of who she is.

Is comfortable being alone.

Doesn’t watch that much (or any) TV.

Has skills and talents that he spends time improving and developing.

Is grateful for and aware of the goodness in her life.

Is well-read and interested in the arts.

Questions authority and thinks for himself.

Selected a spiritual path (or lack of one) based in inquiry and experience, not her parents’ beliefs.

Is interested in conservation, alternative energy, and living lightly on the Earth.

Does not respect my politics because they are like his, but because I can defend my choices and my beliefs.

Is morally consistent, e.g. does not rescue a stray dog and then come home and cook a pork loin.

Tries to reduce the suffering of other creatures.

Likes animals.

I believe in aristocracy; not an aristocracy of power based upon rank and influence, but an aristocracy of the sensitive, the considerate, and the plucky. Its members represent the true human tradition, the one permanent victory of our queer race over cruelty and chaos. They are sensitive for others as well as themselves; they are considerate without being fussy; their pluck is not swankiness, but the power to endure, and they can take a joke.

– E.M Forster

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