Extreme Diet Coke and Mentos Experiments. And the End of Summer.

200 liters of Diet Coke + 500 Mentos mint candies = this video

It’s even better with your speakers on.

And here‘s a handy explanation (via a college chemistry professor) of the reaction between Mentos and Coke.

School starts tomorrow (ugh). I am still not even sure what my schedule will be. I may not post with the same regularity that I have been able to during this restful and too-short summer break.

You know, when I explain some piece of the natural world in this blog, I must teach myself first. You can’t bullshit in the role of explainer; you’ve got to know what you’re doing. You gather; you condense, you arrange; you present. You lay out information like a fine and appetizing meal. I love to explain things. Everything I explore on this blog is something I myself was curious about. I’m learning, too.

This semester I’m taking Calculus II, so I’m hoping to pounce on some nice crunchy math ideas in the blog. We’ll see. Please don’t delete me from your RSS feed, but don’t be surprised if for a while I’m not quite the blogger I was.

Thanks to all of you for reading what I’ve written so far, and thanks for the kind words and encouragement you have shared with me. It matters. It makes me feel better about what I do here, and I already felt pretty good.

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