more on Steorn

An Irish company called Steorn recently claimed that it has developed a world-changing technology: clean and limitless energy from rotating magnets. Steorn claims it gets a 285% to 400% return on the energy used to power the system. Get your magnets rolling, and you’ve got a clean energy source out of almost nothing. You’re ready to reinvent the world economy.

Except almost no one is so readily convinced that the laws of physics are so easily broken. Energy cannot be created out of nothing, only converted from one form to another, as a hydroelectric dam harnesses the energy of dammed water to generate electricity. Energy is transferred, but not created.

Steorn claims that its device is making three times more energy than it uses. This Guardian Unlimited takes a skeptical look at Steorn’s claims:

But then that Christmas Day feeling kicks in; doubts about the power source. According to McCarthy and Walshe, the marketing manager, there have been no fewer than eight independent validations of their work conducted by electrical engineers and academics “with multiple PhDs” from world-class universities. But none of them will talk to me, even off the record. I am promised a diagram explaining how the system works, but then Steorn holds it back, saying its lawyers are concerned about intellectual property rights. And that European partner, the one with the moving, almost perpetual, prototypes? It won’t talk to me either and Steorn has undertaken not to name it.

Read the whole thing here.

And here‘s an interesting comment on a BoingBoing post.

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