UNCA Dept. of Mathematics beard-growing contest

naked-faced math nerds

The three freshly-shaved contestants as they appeared today:

On the left, my Cal II prof, Patrick Bahls, Ph.D.

In the middle, my friend and sometime trig study partner, Britt.

On the right, some UNCA math guy. He does math somewhere, I’m sure.

My money’s on the math guy, who already appears to have the most chin-shadow. Britt’s a hairy guy, though. Maybe my money’s on Britt.

However, I’ve seen Patrick’s beard come in pretty quick.


This is going to be a race to watch.

(What I love about this picture is that I am not sure what these men could possibly do to look more like math nerds.)

2 responses to “UNCA Dept. of Mathematics beard-growing contest

  1. My browser has blocked your beard picture. I’d like to see the gentlemen.

    Also, any thought about joining the competition with a leg/armpit hair growing contest?

  2. Dave, I don’t know how much you know about the ladies, but our pit and leg hair only reaches a certain point before it just stops. We’re just like boys that way.

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