math fears

I’m taking Cal II this semester.

I struggle with finding volumes with disks and washers.

And “work” problems? Figuring out the Joules or foot-pounds it takes to empty a bizarre mathematical tank full of water to three feet from the brim? It takes me four hours to do about four problems. With help. From a math Ph.D.

I take comfort in knowing that work problems in this section of Cal II can confound even people with advanced degrees in math. However, yet again I wonder if Cal II is a river too deep and too cold for me to swim. It is a terrible feeling.

Some days I feel like I could do science somehow.

Some days I feel like this:


One response to “math fears

  1. Hey Galen,

    I don’t have a weird prof — just a very creative and corny one. No complaints, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. Typical crazy math prof, and a very fine and committed instructor. He really *teaches* the material, is never condescending, and is a delight to learn from.

    I don’t know if I will ever have to take Analytic Geometry, but I’m sure I can’t avoid Differential Equations. It’s not a requirement for a B.S. Chemistry, but I can’t imagine one can get an advanced degree without it.

    Next stop for me, if I pass Cal II, is Linear Algebra.


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