my good deed for the day

I heard barking late in the evening last night. I stepped out to shoo the intruder away (thinking it was the neglected little terrier down the street) and found a wriggly pekingese with a tan body and black face. Lost.

He was well-fed, clean, and funny and friendly as a only a happy young dog can be. It was clear he came from a loving home. When I opened the door, he trotted inside, low to the ground and snorting with curiosity.

He was actually a puginese, I think. The baby-gorilla squashed black face of the Pekingese, a fluffy ball of a head, and short body-fur. Bulbous brown eyes, tongue too long for his mouth. Funny little tough-guy underbite. Curled tail arching over his back.

He stood on his hind legs and barked, full of fun and wanting to play. He helped me fold laundry by biting the blanket-corners and nabbing a sock from where I’d laid it on the bed. He did not run off with the sock, but only held it in his mouth, wagging his tail. He rolled on his back for belly rubs, from me, a stranger. He snuffled around the house, snorting & making little face-farts as those poor deformed dogs do.

I called him Bruce. I think he is the cutest dog I have ever seen. He was such a jolly, silly boy. I imagined him the beloved and pampered pet of an elderly widow.

He had a rabies tag on his collar, and this morning I used the tag info to find the owner. I called the vet listed on the tag, gave the tag number and year, and found out that Bruce was really Peppy. And that Peppy lived not even a block away.

I called the owner, Mrs. Elliott, this morning aroud eight. Peppy was indeed the pet of an elderly disabled woman, though a married one and not a widow. Her husband had left the gate to their yard open last night, and Peppy’d escaped. Mr. Eliott drove the streets of the neighborhood last night, looking for lost Peppy.

I wanted a Hollywood reunion, tears and offers of money, my noble protestations that I could not accept cash for my good deed. But I only got a woman glad and relieved to see her pet, and a happy puginese who wanted right in. And that’s enough.

Goodbye, Brucie.

That’s not Peppy above. It’s a pekingese from the web.

Peppy is actually much cuter.

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