some days

Not a good week.

Some days it’s a good idea to take a moment to remember things to be grateful for. Things you can rely on. Here is my list.

crazy little cats to love

my warm electric blanket

Clark Ashton Smith stories

zany and endearing math prof

health & wellness prof not too bad, either

I’m passing calculus (?)

orange maple leaves against blue October skies

food, shelter, warmth, food



ice cream


the seasons

my sweet, well-loved house and yard


my car runs


2 responses to “some days

  1. Jennifer, you posted and then removed a list of comforting things in your life. Even though the list has been excised, since I had already written a bit on one of those items, I’ll copy and paste it here.

    “Ah, Clark Ashton Smith. I can’t read him for pleasure the way I used to. In my teens he was, no contest, my favorite writer. I had all of his books at one time, those beautiful Arkham House editions. One paragraph into his stories or prose poems, and, wham, I was somewhere else altogether. There was a heady intoxication in his style that none of the other Weird Tales / Arkham House writers could approach. He was the best drug of my adolescence. Now, when I read him, I find myself getting periodically pulled back by his word choices. I try, every so often, to dip again into the waters of early 20th century gothic, but with mixed results. I have a bit more success recapturing those nostalgic (read: innocent) moments with, say, Lord Dunsany and Arthur Machen. Perhaps, when it gets a bit more chilly and autumnal down here in Texas, I’ll pull out a Clark Ashton Smith collection and see if the hissing of a Dearborn heater and the rattle of dead leaves along the side of the house make for a more conducive reading environment.”

    Nice list you had there. I too am at that point where I need to concentrate on the good things in my life (of which, when one looks, are so often there in abundance) and stop feeling so overwhelmed by the day-to-day crap.

  2. Erik,

    I’ve put my little list back in. I took it out because I thought it was hokey and silly. Funny how the first thing a writer removes (even an experienced writer) is sometimes a memorable and important part of the piece.

    Wow, another CAS fan! Lately I’m trying to get back into the writers I loved in my teens and early 20s — starting with CAS and Robert Chambers. I’d have to say that weird fiction/dark fantasy is my very favorite genre. Damn, I am so in the mood for Machen now. Dunsany is too light for the weather…

    Harlan Ellison said something about Smith that’s SO true. Next time you read a CAS story, note that the author is just a big pair of eyes. When he describes something, he never mentions taste or smell or sound. His landscapes are silent and motionless, like paintings.

    “He was the best drug of my adolesence.”



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