What I watched

For the beautiful Lala and the wise Charlie, here’s a list of some movies I rented from Netflix over the past few months that I thought were particularly worth renting:

Michael Palin: Himalaya

Guns, Germs, and Steel

Bleak House (2005 version)

Genghis Blues

Donnie Darko

The Aristocrats


North & South

Einstein’s Big Idea (part of The Elegant Universe)

If you ever want to watch my favorite movie of all time, this is it. I’m also fond of this one.  And of Donnie Darko, listed above.

2 responses to “What I watched

  1. I stumbled upon Gormenghast three or four years ago in the bargain bin at a DVD place in Fort Worth. I’d always been planning to read the books, so I splurged the five bucks for this BBC miniseries. It’s amazing. I watched the whole thing in a single marathon evening. The next day, I began reading Titus Groan. I had a ratty used paperback that been following me through at least three moves. Mervyn Peake’s Dickensian wordplay and gothicy weirdness fused brilliantly into a sweet melange of a sort of guilelessly pretentious writing that is very readable.

    For some strange reason, I don’t own that many movies. But Rushmore is another one on your list (parenthetically, that is) that sits on my shelf. Wes Anderson creates cozy, off-kilter worlds I love to inhabit. Rushmore is my favorite of his. “They’re OR scrubs.” “Oh … are they?” Jason Schwartzman’s delivery still cracks me up.

    I may be the last American who still hasn’t seen Donnie Darko. By all accounts, this is something I need to remedy. I sounds like “my kinda thing” cooked down to pure essence.

  2. “They’re OR scrubs.”

    “Oh … are they?”

    God, that is one of the funniest lines in a great movie — and seems to be the one that people quote to me most. I personally like how Max keeps calling Magnus Buchan a “mick” even though Dirk tells him repeatedly that Magnus is from Scotland. (I also love Dirk.)

    I was on a Rushmore kick yesterday and listened to the soundtrack in the car. BTW the soundtrack is awesome.

    My new WordPress avatar in the upper right there is Max solving the hardest math problem in the world.

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