The Best Popcorn in the World


The paraphrase Tenacious D, this is the greatest and best popcorn in the world. Very fine for movie-watching in autumn:

Pop some popcorn. Microwave popcorn is OK. (I use Smart Balance popcorn to avoid trans fats. My old chemistry prof educated me about trans fats, which are a real health hazard. I AVOID THEM. I don’t buy any popcorn — or anything else for that matter — with trans fatty acids in it. Think of trans fats as chemically altered concentrated “superfats.” Eating them is like slathering lard into your arteries. You can check the trans fat content of food on the package’s label, and it’s usually not too much trouble to find a brand that’s trans-fat free.)

When your popcorn is done, shake a generous tablespoon or so of nutritional yeast (available at good groceries or your local health-food store) over top. Follow this with garlic powder (POWDER, not salt), and a very light sprinkling of table salt.

DAMN. That is some good popcorn.

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