I a Very Smart and Competent Girl


Today I rose early to attend Applied Vis 2006, a scientific visualization conference held right here in Asheville.

I got to the conference center late (I’m usually very punctual, but being a working student changes everything) and then wandered around the second floor trying to find my conference. I could only find one, and it just didn’t look like a group of new media people. They looked like high school teachers. In fact, one of them looked like MY old high school teacher. Shit, man. Where were the cellphones and the soul patches and nerdiness?

It slowly dawned on me that I might be there on the wrong day. Only one conference was going on, and it appeared to be…educators discussing geology. Rocks were involved.

Thank GOD I have a ridiculously overblown sense of personal dignity and lurked inhibitedly outside the doors until I was sure it was (or wasn’t) my conference.

It wasn’t. I headed home and checked the date. Sure enough, Applied Vis is NEXT Friday.

I’d be mad if I weren’t up and showered and caffeinated at a decent hour for the first time in a long time. Which is nice.

(Thanks to Sandra Bailey, whoever you are, for a piece of art that says so much.)

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