little miracles


Today I’ve been rocking and reeling to the idea that I’m wrong to be studying math and science. That I need a degree in Mass Communications instead. That a degree in Chemistry brings me no closer to the natural world, only farther from health and sanity.

I don’t know exactly what this has to do with my struggle, but today, absolutely from out of the blue, I received a short, gracious email from one of my writing heroes, Chet Raymo, an amazing individual who, no lie, manages to teach astronomy, write books on astronomy and the natural world, and also write some amazing fiction.

I keep linking to his Science Musings blog because A. it’s great writing; B. it’s thought-provoking, and C. his spiritual identity and mine are quite similar.

Just a little gift from the universe, a little email from Chet Raymo.

> Jennifer, I see on Technorati that you continue to
> be a great
> supporter of my site. Thank you! Chet

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