scenes from yesterday

A small brownish cat in the back yard, motionless and crazed by bloodlust, watches as five birds and three squirrells cavort by my backyard feeders. It’s cold now, and there’s a frenzy of activity as the animals stuff themselves with seed from my four feeders without seeming to care much about the silent cat poised for action. But there is too much motion, too much temptation. After less than thirty seconds she walks away, head drooping in what looks like regret. She does not look back.

I go to my college’s “choosing a major” fair. Even though I have a test next week and really don’t have any time to spare for such activities, I’m glad I go. I meet the head of the physics department, a boyish man with a modest and happy demeanor. He helped edit my first science paper over a year ago and still remembers me. For the first time, I say aloud that I plan to get a Master’s in Science Writing and become a science writer. I also meet a very young chemistry professor, younger than me and probably older than she looks, who tells me to take CHEM 380 (Introduction to Undergraduate Research) as soon as I can. I ask if she knows my friend Heather, a fellow student, and we laugh at how the names Jennifer, Jessica and Heather are pretty much interchangeable. (When I get together with my friends Heather and Jessica, we forget which names are ours. I’m not kidding.)


I haven’t had time yet to explore these, but I will make time eventually, as they look wonderfully interesting. I post them here in case you find them as tempting as I do.

Friday Random Ten from Good Math, Bad Math

Boing Boing: 9 Great Old Punk Videos

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