Asheville Saints


Via Ashvegas I learned today that Asheville arts organization Arts 2 People has received provisional permission from the NC Department of Transportation to cover the support pillars of the I-240 bridge at Lexington Ave. and Broadway with art. The underside of that bridge is the shaky parking area downtown where, if you are like me, you park when you have lunch at Rosetta’s.

The theme of the proposed public mural? Asheville saints. (I really want to start a band with that name.)

Pictured above is one of the murals from Street Science, another Arts 2 People project. Here’s the press release about the project from Arts 2 People (AMP stands for Asheville Mural Project). Artists needed!:

AMP’s next endeavor is the ambitious Lexington Gateway, being the underside of 240 at Lexington Avenue and Broadway! Arts 2 People has been granted provisional permission by the North Carolina Department of Transportation to cover the support pillars with art!

We are currently working with the Downtown Commission, the Public Art Board, the City’s Economic Development Office, and Parking & Transit to solidify this project, potentially covering 6000 square feet. Our working concept is “Asheville Saints”, and we would like to see portfolio submissions from local artists. We particularly need artists adept at portrait, realism, urban/street design, pattern, and those with an interest in Renaissance art & architecture. We’re not saying anything else! A reference cd of images for artists is in the works.

Submit samples to: PO Box 1093 Asheville, NC 28802 or contact for more info.

2 responses to “Asheville Saints

  1. man, that mural is wicked ugly, I’m glad I don’t have to drive by it day after day.
    did you mean a “shady” parking area, or a shaky parking area? I wouldn’t park in a shaky parking area. :-)

  2. LOL I use shaky and shady somewhat interchangeably, with shaky maybe meaning shady-looking but ultimately harmless. And for whatever reason, I actually like that mural. It’s part of a series of murals decorating a building in West Asheville that’s owned by a local new media guy. Looks like AMP is going for a realistic, Renaissance art look with the “Saints” project.

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