it’s official

I have one more Calc II test to go (a take-home final), one more project due (on differential equations) and one more batch of homework to turn in. And then I’m done. At this point, it’s safe to say that I know what my grade will be in Calc II.

When I first signed up for the class, I just wanted to pass it. I had taken it before over at the community college, failed the first two tests, and dropped the class, shaken. I’d had a teacher who didn’t review the tremendously important u-substitution section (a terrible idea) and who assigned massive amounts of homework. Most importantly, I was too busy with work and had too large a courseload to do my homework properly.

This time I cut back on writing and got loans. I took a light semester. I had a teacher who suited my needs much better. And while I still struggled, I made it.

And it occurs to me that there’s no lab section to math prof’s class — he pretty much replaces labs with graded homework. Which makes me feel better about my C in Calc II: since homework grades replace lab grades, I feel less like I “slipped by” because math prof takes up homework, and more like I earned my grade in the ordinary way, by taking tests and doing out-of-class work.

My test avergade is a D. My homework grade is a B. My quiz grade is frankly unmentionable.



2 responses to “it’s official

  1. Way to go! Now you need to challenge yourself with an even more advanced math class just so you can say that you did. I mean, how often is it you find a wordsmith and a math whiz in the same body? Sincerely–your bravery impresses me.

  2. Hey Marie! Thank you for the encouragement and kind words! I’ll definitely be taking more, harder math, as I’m not yet done with the maths for my major. I’m also considering, perhaps insanely, a math minor. I’m just obsessed with math.

    Truly, the best thing about blogging is when people that you think are cool think YOU are cool. I LOVE your blog! Read it every day!


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