listening to elders

I first learned about a blog called Don to Earth from (of course) Boing Boing. It’s the work of a man in his nineties, Donald Crowdis.

Crowdis is a former TV host and musuem curator.

I think that Cory of Boing Boing noted that Crowdis might not be the world’s oldest blogger, but might be the world’s oldest good blogger. I have enjoyed Crowdis’ perspective on aging, and been saddened to observe him mentally preparing for the loss of his ailing wife.

I’ve always tried to cultivate friendships with older people. I’ve always tried to have access to the wisdom of elders. Crowdis’ blog is a great way to have that — access to the wisdom of an elder — in the enjoyable and digestible form of a blog.

And from Crowdis’ site, here’s a link to the ageless project, a collection of blogs grouped by the birth-year of the author.

Crowdis, born in 1913, is indeed the oldest blogger listed.

The Elder Wisdom Circle is a group of older people who give advice on the web. Here‘s a list of topics they’ve offered advice on.

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