my new science blog


My new 100% science/math blog, e to the i Pi , is slowly coming along. Today I imported all of my entries from here over to there, and then manually deleted everything not about math, science, or nature.

Once (if?) I find the time and energy to whip up a new science/math post, I will post it to both blogs. The purpose of e^iPi is to serve as a far less personal repository of JUST my science/math writings. This way, readers can subscribe to my science and math writings without having to wade through accounts of my mental problems, math angst, college trials, knitting experiements and advice concerning popcorn. This is the personal blog. e^iPi is the impersonal blog.

Go poke around if you like! I enjoyed seeing my science writings freed from all the silliness and exhilaration of my personal life. I also plan to use the science blog as a source of clips when I apply to grad school.

When I make my first new post to the new blog, I’ll announce it here.

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