Christmas in Tennessee

My sister, the Madonna of the Dogs.


Holly has a kind heart. Both of these are rescues. Mr. Wiggles, the big one, is her baby.

Here is poor Minnie in antlers, looking meek and willing to withstand anything to make her humans happy:


Min’s right eye is not right — Minnie was a stray Holly found by the side of the road after a car struck Minnie’s head, ruining her eye and fracuring her skull. Minnie had a hard road to happiness, but she has a good and loving home now.

Of course, we had to antlerize Mr. Wiggles, too.


What you cannot see is how hard we are all laughing as poor Wiggs sits there with felt antlers on his head, huffing and trying to paw them off. I could barely hold the camera still enough to take a picture. This is about the third try.

Here’s the view from Mom’s deck in East Hee Haw (Mooresburg, TN). Cloud-shadow on the mountains and bare trees. Stark beauty, if you like redneck lakes in winter. (I do.) Mom lives on the banks of a man-made TVA lake that is drained every winter. In summer the lake rises. In winter it’s an alien landscape, showing the Mars-like red mud of the lake bed.


On Christmas Day we got a rainbow. You can see, faintly and on the left, that it was a double rainbow. The rainbow’s end is in my mom’s back yard…


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