Warning: Contains Knitting

It’s winter break. I don’t have school to monopolize my brainpower any longer, and am spending this break trying to rest and be creative. Bear with me until mid-January, when I am taking Calc III, Physics I, and a maybe even a chemistry research topics class. I’ll be stressed out to the max, drowing in math, eating physics for breakfast and much more like my usual self.

Until then, what’s on my mind is my way of expressing myself creatively, one chosen by more than a few math and science types.

Knitting and math/science go beautifully together. Being an artful knitter requires both creativity in creating a pattern (if, like me, you design) and choosing a yarn and a stitch — as well as strong attention to detail and pattern-following ability. I’m down with that.

I’ve noticed that math/science people with an artistic bent tend to be crafters, not artists. There are exceptions — an acquaintance who is a math teacher and sculptor (very good at both!) springs to mind — but most of us nerd-creators tend to make things, not art.


I’ve had my eye on Yarn Harlot‘s one-row handspun scarf:


I’m knitting it with Lion Brand Homespun in Harvest, a yarn that is pretty hideous in the skein.

But I saw it knitted up once, and it was breathtaking. Actually quite a bit like the yarn that the Harlot is using in her scarf.

I wanted to make one last scarf before I finish Rosie’s wristwarmers, and, yes, take the plunge at last. I consider myself to be an advanced intermediate knitter. The creation of just one thing stands between me and my self-definition of being an advanced knitter.

A real live actual sweater.

I’ll let you know how the scarf goes.

8 responses to “Warning: Contains Knitting

  1. just a random hit, jennifer… hope you have a great new year. peace.

  2. Sounds like you have a fun year ahead. I’m finally finished with all of the Calc I had to take. Still I’ve got 3 math classes next semester. Cuts into my knitting time too much.

    I’ll be waiting to see how the scarf turns out. I’ve been thinking about making one myself.

  3. Hey Kraftie!

    You’re done with Calc, and you’ve still got 3 math classes to go? Linear Algebra, what? I’d love to know. What are you studying?

    I like the scarf so far. Look for pics soon, as soon as I replace the AA batteries in my stupid new camera that only runs on stupid batteries and sucks the juice out of them at an amazing speed. LB Homespun really is the Cadillac of cheap yarn. I hate how it looks pretty on the outside, but goes to weird colors inside of the skein. However, I finally learned to just snip those pieces out, and only use the yarn that’s dyed nicely.

    The Harlot’s scarf stitch is a great one, a new favorite. It’s like a ridgy mistake rib, but with a neat twist. The knit stitches that you knit the back of make a cool effect. I like.

  4. Yea. I’ve got Linear Algebra II and Stats II next semester. Plus I have to go back and take pre Calc… so that will be the easy one. haha.

  5. Kraftie, LA II and Stats II sounds like a tough semester. And PRECALC, LOL?

    What is your major?

  6. Mathematics and Secondary Education Math. I’ve got a double major. It’s all about the math. lol

  7. Oh my God, a math major. I figured, but I wondered about the precalc!

    I’m quite jealous.

  8. Yea. Because I’m a math ed major they make me go back and take the precalc even though I tested into Calc.

    Something about the Praxis tests and the fact that when I am teaching I’m more likely to see Precalc than higher maths.

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