Leaving 2006

The sun is setting on 2006.


From Pyracantha of Electron Blue:

I know I should write some proper summary of what I achieved in 2006, and what I look forward to for 2007, but I am just too tired of being responsible and coherent.

Amen. I’m handing farewell-2006 duties over to you:

This is not the annual report of a company you are investing in. Things are always in progress. I obviously can’t say what will come up in the future. I don’t want to be smug, nor do I want to be perpetually fearful like some people I know. There are some certainties, more or less. The cherry blossoms will bloom. The Red Sox will play baseball. There will be an apple harvest in Greencastle, Pennsylvania. The crickets will sing. And somewhere in a distant galaxy, there will be a supernova.

Read the rest here:


The old year is nearly all gone. Happy New Year.

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