Foolin’ Around with Rhapsody

I love music. It’s one of my great sources of pleasure and rejevenation. It gives me energy, gives me something to think about, gives me good feelings of enjoying the hard work and beautiful art of someone who has talent and did something good with it.

One of my big splurges to myself on my limited student budget is a subscription to Rhapsody, a music service that lets me stream music from my PC and download it into my MP3 player. I love Rhapsody’s selection and the cool things I can do with the Rhapsody player (build playlists and share them online), but the software is buggy and dreadful and has given me a lot of problems, including one I’ve got to fix today. I pretty much lost an $80 flash drive due to a recurring Rhapsody problem with it that made me so mad that I jerked the drive out without disconnecting it, ruining the drive and destroying several years’ worth of invoices and writing. (Storage outside of your PC is a good idea. Never backing up important records is a terrible idea.)

I don’t usually lose my temper like that. Rhapsody is that poorly designed, and that customer-unfriendly.

So while Rhapsody is in many ways a DRM-infested, poorly designed and buggy piece of crap that offers a pretty poor user experience, it also has an absolutely amazing selection of music. And that’s what I stick around for. The moment I find a comparable service that works with my MP3 player, I’m switching. But until then, I am listening and exploring.

Have you ever heard of Ratatat, two guys from Brooklyn who make electro-funk? I heard their song “Wildcat” the other day on my excellent local independent music station, and really loved the crunchy, overwrought and very funky sound.

Here’s a good intro of just four songs:

Ratatat Sampler

And here’s a short, mellow 40-minute playlist, Songs for a New Year.


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