new name, for now

I got tired of this blog’s dull name.

Let’s try a few new ones over the next few days. Or stick with this one if I end up liking it, and it doesn’t sound too much like the name of the blog an 80-year old Anglican nun in Nova Scotia.

3 responses to “new name, for now

  1. The old title was better… Your name is quite presentable in it self, I think it has some music in it, and gives the blog a distinctive character. The old subtitle also signalised a passion for writing.

    The current title, on the other hand, sounds like… nothing, really. Just a long heavy word.

  2. “Everyday Sacraments” does sound a bit…nunny. I didn’t know you were a Christian at all! Thanks for your compliments on my Electron Blog. At the moment I have technical difficulties.

  3. Ooh, totally not a Christian at all. I think the new name needs to go.

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