First Snow of 2007



Today we got the second real snow of the season. This is a pic of my street.

It’s alternately sunny and snowing, and once did both. I don’t remember ever really seeing a sunshine snowstorm before. Mountain weather is crazy.

Like a good Southerner, I went to the grocery store immediately.

Here’s the view from my office window, complete with a Cat Animal.


The cats are bored. I have explained to them that despite this fact, they cannot have two breakfasts today.

Everyone is inside, warm and safe.


Tonight I’ll make kung pao chicken, knit a sock…

This will someday be a sock.

…and watch Walking With Dinosaurs.

When people ask me what cool single people do in the evenings, I know my answers are never satisfactory. I may have to take up BDSM or something.

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