for all you freelance writers…

whatever.pngI noticed my RSS feedcount go up when I actually started talking about my writing. But as you may have noticed, I don’t often talk about my writing career on this blog. I don’t expect that will change.

If you started reading for freelance writing tips, I’ve got two suggestions. You can skim my RSS feed, and just delete entries that don’t interest you. Or you can just head over to the Whatever, the personal blog of my first writing mentor, John Scalzi. Unlike me, Scalzi is a fulltime freelancer, and he writes about his job all the time. His site is full of great tips for writers. He comes personally recommended by me as a good advice-giver, a talented and seasoned writer, and a very funny blogger. I think you’ll like his site and his writing.

I doubt he’s open to be your personal mentor. He wasn’t really mine, he just gave a shit about my questions and is my (very, very distant) cousin.

Anyway. If you’re here for knitting, science, student life, feminism or math — stick around.

2 responses to “for all you freelance writers…

  1. Naaah… “Whatever” is entertaining but too complicated for the purpose of getting a bit of insight of the career of a freelance writer. I like your clear though thoughtful description on “What I Write About”

  2. Hi Jennifer!

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