Thank you!

Lately I’ve gotten a lot of new feedreaders, a lot of great commenters, new bloggers linking to my site and my writing, and support from smart and interesting people. I bet you are one of them.

I loved it when my commenters started talking to each other!

Here’s a recent screenshot from the WordPress “Blogs of the Day” site:


Scroll down below to find my sock club posts as WordPress Top Posts (by daily hit-count) — who knew this would be such a popular topic? I’m glad it’s drawn a lot of attention, and glad it all worked out for Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

And here I am as a Growing Blog:


3 responses to “Thank you!

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I think it’s your great attitude to blogging. You put your work out there with a generous spirit, and people respond to that. I don’t think it matters _what_ you write about, so long as it’s done with passion.

    I didn’t know I had a dormant interest in socks either! :-)


  2. Garry,

    What a lovely thing to say.



  3. Thank you for the link :-)

    ggwfung is right… Attitude and writing style means more than the topic,— though some topics are more interesting than other, of course.

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