sock progress

My first sock is nearing completion:


I don’t much care for the heel-design in this sock pattern and next time will try the smoother and more elegant-looking Strong heel sock.

Tomorrow is the first day of the spring semester. I am not yet 100% sure of how my new schedule is going to shake out. The burning question on my mind as school begins again?

OMG, what kind of Doctor is David Tennant going to turn out to be?


– pathetic Doctor Who nerd

4 responses to “sock progress

  1. LOVE your sock!
    Sorry we weren’t able to make Sunday work. Next week is all open if you have a free night. Thursday I think I meet with a Doula client. Or was that this week….they are going to call me tomorrow and let me know.
    I have been at the doc’s this morning because my son has the flu. He even got a flu shot. Why bother?? SO for the for seeable future he will be hogging the couch. And in the mean time I am spraying the house down with lysol. I cannot be sick. A mom never gets time off!
    I hope you enjoy being back in school.
    Talk to you later.

  2. PS. We are not pathetic Doctor Who nerds…..LOL

  3. Jennifer–If you are wondering why so many hits from me….I am trying to subscribe to your blog…wordpress is being difficult! Grrrrrrrrr. ML

  4. I can’t see how many times you visit my site, but feel free to poke around. Heaven knows I had to look at all your pictures. I am delighted to hear that you are becoming a doula — did you know that Rowan L. is one of my best friends?

    I am free this Sunday again, either afternoon or evening are great. I am in no rush, and don’t want you and B. to be, either.

    I AM a totally pathetic Doctor Who nerd. God, it’s been so long since I had a great genre TV show to nerd out to properly, love, and never miss. I guess it’s been since Star Trek: TNG. I am so excited to see the new Doctor because the word is that #10 is great. I can’t wait. From what I’ve seen, Tennant really seems like a good choice for the latest in the lineage.

    Season 2, Disc 1 of the show is on its way to me from my video subscription service, and I am in ORBIT with excitement.


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