Camp STITCHES 2007 Lake Junaluska

Knitters (everyone else really might want to skip this one):

I’ve just learned that Knitter’s magazine’s 2007 “Camp STITCHES” 5-day knitting camp will be held just a short drive from where I live. The cost of the camp is $535-$585 (for locals) (whew), and there doesn’t seem to be any option for working college students on a budget to take just a class or two. It looks like it’s the whole 5-day package or nothing. The camp is April 21-25.

I’d consider saving my pennies for instruction like this that presumably involves real intensity and expert instructors. Do any of you know anything about these camps, or about multi-day knitting workshops in general? If you do, please comment or send email!

3 responses to “Camp STITCHES 2007 Lake Junaluska

  1. Shelley from Asheville

    Hi Jennifer,

    3 things.
    1(from prior email). You got the dr who from netflicks, hmm… wish it was in our budget but maybe I can talk Rosebud Video into carrying the series.

    2. The knitting camp…. why not contact them and see if you can ‘work’ for your tuition… you know set up tables, help serve lunch, set out supplies, that kind of thing. Ive never gone to a ‘knitting camp’ but I have taken various day long classes and gotten discounts that way.

    3. Speaking of geeky science stuff. Do you know about science friday on npr?
    We don’t get it here is NC but you can podcast the last few years and stream back to 1997.
    Science friday is a weekly 2 hour radio show that guests visiting scientists from all different disciplines for 1/2 to 1hr segments.
    Its hosted by a guy named (i kid you not) Ira Phlaeto (like Plato) who does a good job with asking interesting questions. There are some callin questions from the public as well but unlike most call in shows these callers actually ask interesting questions.
    Check it out.
    The web link is www.

  2. Shelley from Asheville

    Woops the web link on science friday is

  3. Shelley–

    Netflix is expensive, and also not a very moral company, but it has a great selection. I use it and Orbit DVD (great local independent DVD rental place) in West Asheville, which has Doctor Who Season 1 and I am SURE has Season 2. The owner is a genre nerd.

    GREAT IDEA about the knitting camp! I’ll email them tomorrow and try it!

    I used to listen to Science Friday years ago, and liked it. I’ve just started listening to podcasts, so I bookmarked your link!


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