The Exile Returns

(this is not actually an image of me)

I woke up this past Tuesday morning — the first day of the spring semester — feeling drained and unable to handle another semester of work and worry. I dragged myself onto the campus late for my second class of the day, missing the first one entirely, and by lunchtime was laughing with pure delight in being back in my place again.

I had my first truly collegiate experience: sitting in a big lecture hall, listening to a man with bad shoes and a Russian accent teach me physics in a very wise and caring fashion. Dr. Khasanov does not have the most expert command of the English language, but he makes up for it with his magnificent sense of humor and tremendous intelligence. How I love to see it when people understand that communication is storytelling and connection and the easy flow of information, not perfect grammar. It takes more than brains to make that kind of connection.

Twenty minutes into my political science class I remembered every reason I ever had for wanting to major in Political Science or Economics — my first choices, before I took an astronomy class and everything changed.

These are my classes:

PHYS 221: General Physics (calculus-based physics class for scientists and engineers)

MGMT 379: Leading Fearless Change (business class that’s a Liberal Arts requirement at my college; my prof is teaching from her own book)

POLS 380: Globalization and Its Critics (all poli sci profs should be handsome, well dressed young Easterners with beautiful English and fluffy newscaster hair)

MUSC 111: Chorus (It seems I have joined the University Singers! I may even audtion for the jazz choir…)

CHEM 380: Chemical Research Methods (not NEARLY as bad as it sounds, this is a class that lets undergrads interview people and attend lectures in a low-key attempt to get us to start the work of choosing our area of research in our field)

It’s a busy week with schoolwork and new clients coming in. I have so much more to say but no time. Until the weekend!

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