The Girl In the Fireplace

Famous last words of a Doctor Who fan:

Look, all the new Doctor Who epsiodes are available on YouTube! I think I’ll watch the first ten minutes of the next episode.

Two hours later…

That was the morning; it is now afternoon. I have watched two entire episodes online, plus the end of the one I missed due to getting a damaged DVD. God bless the Internet! Hooray for lazy Sunday afternoons and good science fiction programming. And the good old BBC!

If you’re new to the series, or new to the new series, here’s the perfect intro to the revived Doctor Who at its best: the first ten minutes of The Girl In the Fireplace.

Funny, magical, and odd, with a historical bent. I truly do love the new bigger-budget version of a beloved show from long ago.

The three characters on the space ship are the Doctor, his companion Rose, and Rose’s boyfriend, Mickey. Looks like the complete new series is archived on YouTube in ten-minute increments. Just do a YouTube search with the name of the episode and off you go. Enjoy!

5 responses to “The Girl In the Fireplace

  1. I have tried to post on your blog two times today—yet nothing shows up. Grrrrrrrrr. I am trying one final time…lol

    I also watched a Doctor Who last night on BBC. It was a EC episode. I agree with Rose being a great companion. They have great chemistry. She has had it with both doctors. I heard she was having regrets about leaving the show. I knew she would.
    (trying to remember everything I tried to tell you earlier)
    Did you see the Christmas Day Special–Runaway Bride? The first one without Rose? I think we have it on disk if you have not. It was pretty good. A little on the sad part. The new companion has already been in the series so I know who she is. When you have watched the last episode that Rose is in we will have to talk. You can tell me your spin on it.
    I hope you are glad to be back in school.
    We have had the flu here. Well, except H. So we have been moaning and groaning around here all week.
    In fact I am going back to the couch. I’ll talk to you later.
    Oh—Yes I know who Rowan is. I haven’t spoken with her. I just started Doula training last September and just became a DAMA member in December. Right now I am working on my DONA certification. Since I have a phobia of death, a major phobia—I guess being a part of birth is just what I need. Plus it is a wonderful experience!

  2. Hey Michelle!

    Sorry you had a hard time with your posts. It might be because you tried to post to a YouTube post, and even I have trouble with those sometimes.

    Rose WAS great! I think she really gave the series heart, though I haven’t always liked how she has been a prize of sorts for the male characters to grumble over. But she’s brave, and she obviously delights in the life of a traveler, and I think that Piper is a wonderful actor. I haven’t seen Runaway Bride yet because I am, still working my way through Season 2. I am about 1/3 of the way through it.

    You *KNOW* I will totally get with you after I see Doomsday.

    Rowan loves being a doula, too. She told me a birth story once that was so powerful that it gave me chills. I am SO glad that I have a friend that is part of that world, so strange and powerful.

    If you’re going to have a phobia about something, death’s the thing, I guess. “School Reunion” is my favorite episode so far of Season 2, and it made me think about how every human relationship ends. No matter how much you love someone, and no matter that your love is lifelong, it will end. No choice in it. And so the viewer understands the Doctor’s choice to have an endless string of companions whom he serially deserts rather than watch them age and die. Better, I think — to take a page from the movie Shadowlands — to accept from the start that the joy of togetherness and the pain of separation are intimately linked, and that the greater the one, the greater the other. And that that’s the way of life, and something we must accept. No great joy without a direct line to great sorrow.

    Get well soon.


  3. The Girl in the Fireplace was our FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!
    (with him as the doctor that is)
    That is his real life girlfriend

  4. Everybody seems to love that episode, but I liked School Reunion better. School Reunion touched my heart and made me cry when Sarah Jane called the Doctor on his glibness and made him say goodbye to her. Girl In the Fireplace, not so much! Not that I DIS_liked it. Perhaps I had heard too much how good it was.

    The Empty Child is still my favorite…. BTW, the same person wrote both Empty Child and Fireplace — Steven Moffat. He’s good, a lot better than Russell Davies and his killer Christmas trees.

  5. Right now I wish any Doctor would come to the rescue in the Tardis.


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