Last night I looked outside and thought things looked strangely bright for it being so late at night, after 10PM. But it’s a 3/4 moon, so I didn’t pay much mind.

When I went to put out my recycling I saw why… A heavy and unexpected dusting of snow had stealthily fallen! It was reflecting the streetlights and lighting up my whole street so brightly that I could see clearly to the end of my road. I crossed my fingers for NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY.

I woke this morning with a hopeful heart. Winter break was boring and awful, yes, but for some reason, a snow day is a delight. A snow day as an adult feels JUST like it did when you were a kid. That excitement, that feeling of freedom and release. Time to sleep in, stay warm, take it easy.

I woke and checked the college webpage. Sure enough, the Magic Snowflake was there, the little snowflake icon that says something’s up with inclement weather:


Day classes are canceled at UNCA! SWEET!

I made pancakes and coffee and fed the cats. No school! Today I’ll get some good work done and finish the last 3 episodes of Doctor Who that I have not yet watched.

My friend Heather was so excited this morning about the snow day that she sent me a picture of herself in front of her snowy yard. Snow days are VERY EXCITING to certain segments of the population.

snow day = GOOD

LOL the hat she is wearing is my Christmas gift I made her last year. Look at that smile on the face of a woman who does not have to go to O-Chem II class today!


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