Your Wednesday Chill-Out


I am SUCH a fan of Owen Pallett (who makes music as Final Fantasy), the Canadian violinist and singer who makes fey modern classical music of the sort made by a 27-year-old gay man who plays video games. Pallett describes his recent CD as containing “an athiest explanation of magical phenomena, Yukio Mishima, Julia Kristeva, Galina Ustvolskaya and ragtime, love of video game characters, the dying, Pern and modern dating, the link between condominium retail and impotence, Bartok’s 2nd string quartet, Irish metafictional characters and baking.” Which is almost too self-indulgent for words. I forget if it was Harlan Ellison or Francis Ford Coppola that said that artists should be self-indulgent. I have to agree.

If you liked that Carly Comando song, listen to this. It’s lovely. It’s kind of like Rufus Wainwright if Rufus were less operatic and more into Mozart.

If you liked that, there’s more.

And from Pyracantha, I give you live ambient radio from Stillstream, a channel of streaming indie ambient electronic music.

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