S*N*O*W D*A*Y, Part II


WNC got a winter storm warning yesterday. Not a watch, but a warning. The chance of precipitation was given as 100% by lunchtime today. I went to the grocery store last night at 8:30PM, and the place was jumpin’. A good Southerner cannot be caught at home in a light snowstorm without eggs, bread, coffee, milk and snacks.

I went to bed certain that there’d be no school tomorrow. I set my alarm — I’m not stupid — but I figured it was just a formality.

At seven AM the alarm-radio went off. The announcer was reading off school closings. Perfect timing! “UNCA day classes are canceled.” I switched off my alarm and rolled over.

I woke to a world of no snow. Just brown grass, dim cloudy winter skies, and a dry, chilly wind. People were puzzled, pointing fingers at the local news. I don’t watch the local news, and I know that weather is iffy even to experts. I like Weather Underground, the online weather service which was calling for light snow and ice pellets around lunchtime. And indeed, at 11:30 a wet and fluffy snow began to fall.

It didn’t last and soon turned to rain. And then even the rain quit.

It doesn’t look like there will be any accumulation at all. A snow day with no snow! Lord, calling off school is a tricksy business. Everyone seems to want the college decision-makers and the weather forecasters to predict the future, not the weather. And predicting anything as complex as weather and road conditions is an iffy business, especially here in the South, where any snow on the roads can quickly melt and turn to ice. I’ve read that that makes driving in the South very dangerous, as farther north, people drive on packed snow. Here, snow hits the roads and melts, and then refreezes as ice.

Me, I’m just glad for another snow day.

I think I’ll knit a bit, write a bit, and make a stir-fry. The domestic arts rule.

Oh, wait.  It’s snowing again.  Slow, fat flakes like little balls of cotton.

5 responses to “S*N*O*W D*A*Y, Part II

  1. I wish we would get one really good snowfall. The snow’s been disappointing this year.

  2. Are you in Asheville, Darmok?

    I wish I had named MY blog Ancora Imparo…


  3. No; I’m afraid I don’t even know where Asheville is.

    I am quite fond of the phrase, but it is not ideal for a blog title; among other things, it is not unique. If I were creative, I could have invented a name that would be associated with my blog only.

  4. LOL Asheville is in western North Carolina. Where are you?

    I don’t think a blog title need be unique, just good. I don’t know how creative your title is, but if you hadn’t beat me to it, I might have nabbed it for my own.

  5. I’m in Minnesota, actually.

    My blog will never be very well-known, but still, it would be nice to have a unique “brand.” That being said, ancora imparo represents me so well that it is a good title for that reason, at least.

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