Ebony Needles

Attention conservation notice: This one’s for the knitters.

While reading a goofy knitting blog I like, I came across a sad story. There is a young couple in California whose infant son has a rare kind of brain tumor that is not fatal, but causes constant seizures and may affect his development. The baby’s mother has an eBay store where she sells discounted yarn and knitting notions. So if you are looking for discontinued Noro Kureyon cheap, or a pattern for a felted bag, or real ebony knitting needles for $18, please consider looking there.

The name of the eBay store is SuperCrafty. The baby’s name is Evan. You can learn more about him and his rare condition here and here. His brain tumor seems to be operable and his condition curable, but until he is old enough for brain surgery, for the next few months the family must deal with seizures that sometimes include an episode every ten seconds for 14 hours straight. And even on a “good” day, the seizures don’t stop, and arrive every 30-60 minutes, even when the baby sleeps. Only one hospital in the world specializes in this rare kind of tumor at the center of the brain.

The world’s all full of shit and horror, but we are not wholly powerless against it. Knitters, we are going to be buying yarn. We can bookmark SuperCrafty, and buy some cheap yarn there. A family will have a little more cabbage to help them deal with the looming financial impact of pediatric brain surgery, and a self-employed young mother being run through an emotional wringer might feel a little more supported. We were going to buy yarn anyway. Let’s bookmark SuperCrafty.

That’s all. A baby, and a store, and ebony knitting needles for $18.

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  1. Thanks for the link and positive thoughts.

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