Sucking up CO2

Via CSM:

Billionaire Richard Branson recently announced a competition offering a $25 million prize for a plan to clean the air.

Most efforts to halt global warming involve cutting emissions of carbon dioxide – the most significant greenhouse gas produced by humans. But what if we could help stabilize the climate by somehow removing the CO2 that’s already in the air?

That’s exactly what Sir Richard Branson wants to do. On Friday, the British billionaire announced in London the Virgin Earth Challenge, a competition offering $25 million to whoever can come up with a way to scrub at least 1 billion tons of CO2 a year from Earth’s atmosphere.

Branson said that he drew inspiration from an 18th-century British competition. In 1714, an act of Parliament offered 20,000 pounds – a huge sum at the time – to anyone who could accurately calculate longitude. In 1773, the prize went to John Harrison, a working-class clockmaker.

2 responses to “Sucking up CO2

  1. so then…can an artist do science??

  2. “Can an artist do science?”

    I can see no reason why not. However, while I can think of lots of people who did science first and then art, I can think of no artists who legitimately became scientists.

    And I, never truly an artist and hardly about to become a scientist, am not going to volunteer myself as an eventual example.

    What I think is that you can have a foot in both worlds, and find joy in that, and contribute meaningfully to the world from that perspective.

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