Knitting Rules

Someone sent me a copy of this book from my wish list. I do not know who it was, but I would like to thank you, so won’t you please comment or send email and tell me it was you?

And do you want to hear a strange story of synchronicity, and also the reason that I do not have the book’s packing slip (that might tell me who sent it)?

The book was misdelivered to someone a few blocks away on another street. An honest woman, she emailed me and told me she had my book, and asked when she could bring it by.

Her name is Nicole. And she had just learned to knit the night before the book arrived.

4 responses to “Knitting Rules

  1. If I’d known you hadn’t read it, I would have sent it to you, but I didn’t, so no confession here. I think you’ll like it! I sure did. If you do, be sure to try her first two books. Then the fourth one is out next month.

    not that I follow these things…

  2. Oh CCR, I just got it today and already read part of it in bed and used it to figure out what kind of fiber is in a MYSTERY YARN that I got on sale.

    BTW someone just got me Zimmermann’s Knitting Almanac, and it is very sweet and cozy, and like McPhee or Stoller, you can sit down and read it for fun. I think you’d like it. Zimmermann was a no-nonsense English knitter displaced into the Wisconsin woods, and her prose is clear and fun, her knitting advice wonderful.


    BTW for your next birthday I recommend putting up an amazon wish list; I must say I have been most pleased with my results!

  3. It was me! I’m so glad your not-so-near neighbor was able to track you down. I found you through some of the knitting blogs, and have enjoyed your writing. I followed your Amazon wish list link, and when I saw you didn’t have “Knitting Rules,” well, hell, everyone needs that. Just a small thank you!

  4. Hey Kate!

    You are awesome. I read half the book tonight on the couch, and I felt like it was the first time I almost-relaxed in years.

    BTW figuring out what to do with your life, while a fine thing to explore at the local community college, cannot be rushed. And as Alan Arkin so wisely said, it’s all one big improv. Improv until you start to feel it all come together, which will probably happen in an unexpected time and place, like a college physics lab.

    THANK YOU FOR BOOK! ME LOVE! I go read now.

    Excuse me while I bookmark your blog.

    – Jennifer

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