The Brian Atene Saga

I first saw this Brian Atene YouTube video a few months back. It embodied everything that turned me away from theatre.

It is also so painfully funny that you can’t look away.

Let’s be kind to young Mr. Atene. We probably were all this vain and pretentious once, we just don’t have YouTube videos as undying, public proof. The clip is 4:32 in length and it just gets better as it goes.

Julliard student Brian Atene, then aged 20, in his taped audition for Full Metal Jacket:

To his credit, Brian Atene grew up to be a very weird and very talented person who is able to laugh at his younger self — and to make a very odd and funny YouTube video about his 23-year-old leaked audition tape. This one’s a little long at 7:39.

And the Brian Atene saga concludes with the next generation: Son of Atene, who has been genetically modified to be the BEST ACTOR IN THE WORLD. Video is 5:32 in length.

One response to “The Brian Atene Saga

  1. You are missing a step in the saga. For almost 2 months, most of the world believed that this guy ( was the grown up Brian Atene.

    I sort of wish he really was. The “Real Atene” turns out to be some guy who embraced the “weirdness” and “corny-ness” of his former (more vibrant) self. He’s a watered-down Atene. Whereas, the “Fake Atene” of this video is still trying, still acting…

    I don’t know. I guess it’s weird to be in love with a fictional character, when the real one is right in front of you…

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