Winter, goodbye


(Springtime image of my old house in Charlotte, where I lived in a converted carport.)

It’s still winter but it’s not, really. Seasons rarely come or go all at once, but gently bleed into one another. The calendar says it’s winter, but the world outside is sunny and slowly turning green.

Here in WNC it’s cold but clear, and the early flowers (winter daphne, scented camellia) are blooming and scenting the air. The robins arrived awhile back. And the past few days brought my part of the world the first balmy shirtsleeve days of the year.

I am saying goodbye to winter with a Snow Day Checklist. An excellent popular blogger I like, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (AKA the Yarn Harlot), inspired me to do this when she composed her own, realizing that milk and bread are not really emergency Snow Day supplies. What good is milk really going to do you, stuck in your house all weekend? What does a person really need to keep herself feeling happy and entertained during a Snow Day?

Here’s her list of things to have on hand for a snowy day:

Freshly washed wool socks for every member of the family.
A decent bottle of red wine.
Six beers.
Two rented movies.
My wits.
A pot of coffee
A pot of soup
Cheese and crackers
A small bottle of Glenlivet (if things were very bad)
An extensive stash of wool (both for insulation and entertainment)
My children (both for insulation and entertainment)

Not bad. Here’s my list:

coffee, herbal tea, soy milk and sugar
tofu, potatoes and cheese (for tofu scramble); good bread for toasted cheese sandwiches
one pair handknit house socks
yarn, needles and a project in mind
three good videos (long BBC mini or genre television ideal)
cheese & crackers (great idea, Harlot!)
no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies for mental and intellectual emergencies
the makings of chili, chicken soup, or vegetable stew

Now that’s a Snow-Day list.

I’m excited about the eclipse tomorrow, and will be scoping out a clear eastern horizon spot today. Here at Chez Jen we have almost no horizon views, as they are blocked by houses, trees and the Blue Ridge Mountains. I’ve got a good clear view of the sky overhead and even a mountain view to the north, but my next house will be in a clearing or on a hill.

This is not a particularly interesting post, but we do what we can during an exam week. Spring break starts today!

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