Eclipse Tonight!

Here’s where you can see it:

And here’s eclipse times in GMT:

Moon enters penumbra: 2018

Moon enters umbra: 2130

Totality begins: 2244

Mid-eclipse: 2321

Totality ends: 2358

Moon leaves umbra: 0111

Moon leaves penumbra: 0224

Time zone converter here.

Yesterday I found an unlikely viewing spot in the parking lot of my local Ingles grocery, which has the best eastern horizon view I was able to find on short notice. Luckily for me I recently had dinner with a friend in the building next door to the Ingles, and by chance noticed that our seat by the window offered a rare prime horizon view of a golden and slowly rising full moon. Hell, if I’m hungry at six, I may even watch the moonrise over dinner.

I’ll head to my viewing spot a little after six hoping to catch the rising eclipsed moon before sunset. Moonrise in WNC is 6:18 PM. Sunset is 6:27 PM. What I’ll be able to see before sunset I honestly don’t know.

I’d like to issue a science-nerd challenge to the readers of this blog, one that I will take up as well. Can we all try to interest someone in watching the eclipse? A neighbor, a friend, a random redneck wondering why you are standing in the Ingles parking lot? For whatever reason, I find that most people don’t even know about eclipses. Most people don’t look to the sky. Tonight’s a good night to show wonders to the uninitiated.

Happy viewing, everyone!


One response to “Eclipse Tonight!

  1. Shelley from Asheville

    Hey Jennifer,

    Thanks for the reminder about the eclipse, Im just now headed over to Beacatcher mtn – we live in north asheville – to catch it.

    You asked a few posts back what kinda scientist I am – I am a wildlife biologist, which really just means I like to walk through the woods and look at animals and there habitat – add some statistics and voila wildlife biology.

    I currently work seasonally at the Great Smky Mtns Natl Park on the NC side at about 5000 feet. I start working again on April 2.

    Currently, I’m enjoying unemployment by cooking a lot, knitting, spinning some yarn and learning to play the fiddle.

    Enjoy the eclipse

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