Last Night’s Eclipse

Last night’s eclipse wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I’d read that the rising eclipsed moon would resemble a “dim, sooty and eerily illuminated mottled softball,” but in WNC it was a barely visible ghost of a moon. It looked like a faded wisp of cloud in the blue of twilight, and you had to look very carefully to notice it at all. The rising eclipsed moon was neither the blood-red of Pyracantha’s Italian moon nor a “mottled softball,” but a faded blue-white ghost, very hard to find.

As night fell things got interesting. In all the eclipses I’d seen before the eclipsed moon turned orange-red. This one was different, with the eclipsed part of the moon not red but black, making the moon just look like an oddly shaped waning moon. From my vantage spot at the eastern horizon I drove to my local health food store, and was delighted to notice that the people inside were talking about the eclipse, and that two store workers outside had paused to watch. Everyone was noticing. And I got to see a new kind of eclipse, one where the eclipsed bit of the moon turns black.

Over in England, though, it looks like people got a red eclipse. Look at this!

More great eclipse pics from all over the world here.

2 responses to “Last Night’s Eclipse

  1. I was driving earlier in the day, and stopped at a gas station along the highway. As I was exiting the store, I overheard one employee saying to the other, “With all the goddamn clouds, there’s no way we’ll see the eclipse!”

    Neither of them had appeared like the kind of person who would be at all interested in eclipses. I felt simulataneously ashamed for my prejudice and pleased that they were interested in such things.

  2. Ha, what a great lesson. I’d feel the same mixture of shame of pleasure.

    I’ve never been out during an eclipse before, and was very pleasantly surprised at the health food store, which was abuzz with what was going on in the sky. Also, my local health food store has great eastern horizon views — the parking lot was bright with streetlights but still had a great view of the rising moon.


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