It’s not really fair, is it, for me to know what so many of you look like, and for so few of you to know what I look like.

I took this this morning. I’m trying to have a few recent pics of myself on hand, and also to have an image that I can use in an ad I am thinking of buying for my freelance writing services.

Tomorrow I will experiment with actually smiling at the camera, something that has always felt very silly and wrong to me.

Hello. I am staring right in your face just like Noah Kalina.


4 responses to “Hello.

  1. What beautiful eyes!

    As for smiling at the camera? Try smiling at the person behind the camera. Tricky with self-portraits, I know, but imagining someone there can help.
    Makes for a better pic and feels FAR less silly!

  2. Hi.

    I’ve been lurking for a couple of weeks, waiting to comment.

    This seems like a good time to introduce myself.

    Great blog! (and pic!)

  3. Wil, I’m glad you like the blog, and the pic. I liked the pic too, even the smudged lipliner that ended up being way to dark for bright morning light. I like the imperfections of the image, and yet also that it does not make me look fat.

    Cal, great trick! I’ll try it.

  4. Well, of course I know what you look like already, but I love that picture! Smiling is nice too, but I think you look serious and mysterious. Nice job!

    (And … the lipliner is smudged? This is what comes of not wearing makeup, I’m hopeless with such things… Looks good to me!)

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