“Sky Blue Sky” All Day on March 11


It’s not quite my birthday, but a few presents have rolled in.


From Cal, a cozy Elizabeth Zimmermann book that I just finished the other night. I have now at last read the great EZ, and already want more.

From Kate, the Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Rules, the best intro to knitting book I’ve yet seen. (It’s so good that even this advanced intermediate knitter got a lot out of it.)

My present to myself was a new silk knitting needle case embroidered with flowers. All my straight needles had been in a vase on my living room table, my circulars and double-points in a basket. They all needed a portable and proper place to live. Now they’ll travel with me a lot more easily.

And from the Gods of Happiness (and also from the Wilco website), I learn that the new Wilco CD, Sky Blue Sky due in May, will stream from the Wilco website all day.

On my birthday.

Listen to Sky Blue Sky in its entirety on March 11

2PM to 2AM GMT

10AM to 10PM EST, 7AM to 7PM PST

Right here.

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