Open Thread: What’s Your Weather Like?


Hey y’all — I’m sorry I haven’t put up a real post since St. Patrick’s Day. A major client has gone under, and I’ve been scrambling to shore up my future revenue with some interesting new streams. Plus I have two papers due tomorrow. I am well, but busy.

So I’d like to start this blog’s very first open thread, on your local weather. I’m curious as to who else is experiencing strange weather like we’re having here in WNC, where spring arrived a month early and summer got here last weekend, on March 25. This Sunday, the day of my choral concert (when I had to wear pantyhose and heavy black clothes, thank you very much), WNC broke its all-time high from 1982 with an 81-degree day — during the first week of spring!

To put things in perspective, we’ve had a week of temps that are a good 20 degrees above the seasonal average. It should still almost be sweater weather, and we’re all wearing flip-flops and t-shirts.

I keep flashing that it’s summer. I’ve already had to use the AC in the car. People are mowing their yards and grilling out, and winter just ended a week ago.

What’s it like where you are?

4 responses to “Open Thread: What’s Your Weather Like?

  1. Not too different here in the Sandhills – 85 & sunny. I put my houseplants out this past weekend. Sadly, it’s supposed to drop 30 degrees tomorrow and bring rain to boot. However, the forecast is back to the 80s for the weekend.

    We get plenty of hot weather, and I wish it hadn’t come so soon, but complaining sure doesn’t change it.

  2. Yesterday was our best day yet, I believe: 60 or so, just lovely. Today is about 50, but breezy, so not quite as nice. We still have piles of snow melting along the roadsides from the St. Patrick’s storm. In other words, we’re in a pretty typical New England March: nice, not so nice, nice. The daffodils and crocus are coming up, you need your coat and then you don’t need it. Mud season, as a friend with dogs calls it. At least it’s more sunny than not: my batteries are low and need charging!

  3. Sounds like you are having a normal spring. 60 degrees is what it SHOULD be here, but instead we have beastly premature heat…and cookouts! It feels so strange to both need to mow the yard and to know that 30-degree nighttime temps are probably heading this way. Right now it’s like nature is bypassing spring entirely.