It’s Doctor Who Eve!

It’s Doctor Who Eve! That magical holiday that all good little Americans know is the day before the premiere episode of Doctor Who Season 3, Smith and Jones, turns up on the fan newsgroups and (I truly hope) YouTube. Erik and Shelley, I’ll be trawling YouTube tomorrow for sure, hoping to find it. When I do, I’ll post it. (I know that Michelle Supermom is married to a Doctor Who newsgroup pro who will no doubt have a bootleg for the family by tomorrow dinnertime. Dang, I need to email that guy!)

Cal, that lucky Englishwoman, will actually get to watch the show on the TV tonight, like a normal person. Must be nice! Goodness but I wish TV was shared internationally in some cheap and easy way. Why must British television be so tempting. Sigh.

Anyway, my fellow Whovians, happy Doctor Who Eve!


7 responses to “It’s Doctor Who Eve!

  1. You are possibly going to kill me for this – but I’d FORGOTTEN!
    And it is on in 10 minutes….

    erm – I’ll be back to gloat in an hour or so…..

  2. LOL so glad to remind you! You bitch.

  3. Heheheheh!

    Well, what can I say…scary monsters, things that go ‘sizzle’, more scary monsters…

    And my uncle managed to ring just in the middle :(

  4. Man, that was not one of the better episodes. I knew I’d miss Rose, but who knew I’d miss Mickey? And Jackie. But beginnings are always awkward.

    One of the things I think I loved about Rose is how ordinary she was, and how utterly she was changed by her experiences with the Doctor, and how much she grew. Martha, right off the bat, is smarter and braver. Which somehow makes her less of an Everywoman, less open to transformation.

    Lord, how hard am I to please, now the heroine is too smart and too brave! Rose too needed time to grow into her role, and Martha will, too. No excuse for the lackluster writing, though. Sad to see such great effects in an episode that was so completely unremarkable.

    Here’s to better episodes down the road.

  5. Well, for most of it I kept hearing ‘plasmavore’ as ‘plasma-whore’

    Which did cast an interesting (if surreal) light over things…

  6. It’s nice to see how far Doctor Who has come over the decades. And even though the budget is so much beefier than in the past, I was quite amused in that they seemed to only have the financial resources for just one Rhino head.

    I’m with you on missing Rose. But I’ll certainly be watching the up-coming episodes. Thanks for keeping me in the loop!

  7. LOL I was kind charmed by the solo rhino-head. I found it almost endearingly budget-conscious and a pretty good trick. Plus the animatronics in the head were pretty good. Here’s to better eps down the road.

    How’s Torchwood coming along?

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