New and improved fall schedule

OK, as always happens, my first version of my semester schedule is never, ever the one I use.

And it looks like I’m taking the summer off. I just got a huge refund from the college that I suspect is a scholarship of some sort (I got an email recently to pick up a four-figure check at the college business office, but, amazingly, so far no one has told me what on Earth the origin is of this windfall), but I think I’ve got other plans for it than a summer in school. Like fixing my leaky skylight and paying my 2006 taxes.

You know, I didn’t get this money from positive thinking, but allowing that good outcomes are possible sure made the journey to getting it far more pleasant. I’m getting the hang of believing that things can work out well — and that even when they don’t, life’s still pretty good.

Anyway. As to my fall classes, one class that I wanted was full, and another one was actually available when I had thought it wasn’t offered this semester. And hey, I am now nearly done with my general education requirement and am entering the meat of my major. And it only took me five years! DAMN I’m good.

I STILL cannot get over the fact that Intro to Screenwriting is actually a course I can take for credit within my major. It feels entirely too creative, fun, and interesting to actually be something that counts toward my eventual graduation, which more and more is starting to feel like something that is actually going to happen.

Here, for the record, are all the majors that I have either actively and formally pursued or seriously considered pursuing while in college, both as a clueless 20-something and as a more clued-in (yet still fumbling) adult. I think they’re in chronological order, and the ones in bold were actually declared:


Theatre Arts




Political Science

Atmospheric Sciences



Mass Communication

And here’s my slate for this fall:


Media Ethics and Society

Humanities 324: The Modern World

MUSC 111: Chorus (University Singers)

Intro to Screenwriting

Sixteen credit hours. Ulp. Wish me luck.

2 responses to “New and improved fall schedule

  1. My undergrad majors (in approx. order) were Aeronautical Engineering, Spanish, Art, Anthropology, and History.

    Good luck! :-)

  2. Ha! It’s good to know I am not alone in being all over the map! THANKS, WIL!

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