Frost Damage





The peony plants made it!


5 responses to “Frost Damage

  1. What a terrible frost! Thank goodness for the peonies, at least. Someday, when I have my own place, I’m going to have peonies. Love ’em.

  2. Kate, when I bought my house there were 3 beautiful peony plants here already! I was thrilled. They are hardy annuals that don’t need a bit of care.

    Mine are hot pink!

    Are you in an apartment, or do you rent a house? I rented for ages and never grew much, and in retrospect I now think that was was dumb. Even as a renter I could have had beautiful plants and maybe even left a legacy for the next tenant.

    I love peonies, too, and I dearly love mine every year. They’re so showy and big, the big gorgeous bimbos of the world of flowers.

  3. I live on Ft Bragg, but have rented elsewhere for years. We have some lovely roses and a couple of crepe myrtles that were left by previous tenants.

    We’re hoping to buy within the next year, and peonies are on the list. I used to go to Dumbarton Oaks in Washington DC and they had big ol’ fragrant peonies (among the other gazillion flowers) . I just love them.

  4. We should have frosts here. We should have frosts and rainshowers and big blowy days full of clouds and glittering raindrops and brittle sunshine. I should be worrying that my fruit trees will lose their blooms from frost and be out there with string and paper to protect them.

    We have a drought. No rain all month and scarcely a day without an ‘August’ sky. Now I worry there will not be enough water for the fruits to set.

  5. c’est interessant , merci pour l’info !

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