Knitting Nature


Imagine that Andy Goldsworthy decided to start designing knitwear. The result might be the amazing new book I picked up last night, Knitting Nature:39 Designs Inspired By Patterns in Nature.

I was at Knit Night last night and asked the store owner what the good new knitting books were. Without hesitation, she told me that the best book of last year was Knitting Nature.

This book is stunning. If you are at all interested in biological geometry, fractals, spirals and the patterns and shapes of nature, you will FLIP for this book. There is an entire CHAPTER on knitting fractals, and another one on phyllotaxis-inspired designs. And the patterns are not novelty geekwear, but are wearable and beautiful as well as very unusual. There is very little colorwork and lots of beautiful patterns, including a knit ensemble based on the Koch snowflake, an old mathematical friend from last semester’s Cal II class.

The word from the reviewers is that the patterns have a lot of errors, so check the web or hope for the publisher to cough up a proper list of errata.

Meanwhile, to the scienceknitters who read this blog — OMG, go have a look at this book!!!!!!

Patterns pics here.

One response to “Knitting Nature

  1. I am neither scientist or math geek, but these patterns in this book are indeed stunning. Thanks for the introduction. Beautiful. I hope you’ll show us what you make from it.

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