Indian Rabbits

Shasha is a great name for the little rabbit-cat that showed up on my doorstep a few weeks ago. But I got to thinking: Are there really rabbits in India?

Never having been to India, much less having checked for rabbits while there, I did not know. But I kind of suspected that there were not. So how could shasha be Sanskrit for rabbit?

I rabbit-checked the internet. It seems that there are rabbits in India, but to the best of my understanding they are European imports. I think shasha is actually Sanskrit for hare.

Here’s an Indian hare:


And here is a Dutch rabbit:


And here is a West Asheville cat with a pink nose and nubbin tail:


His new name is Sid.

2 responses to “Indian Rabbits

  1. Maybe you could try the *Dutch* word for rabbit?

    Of course, Sid is a good cat name, too! There’s just such a something between those last two photos…

  2. Sanskrit and Hindi names are so beautiful.

    LOL a Dutch rabbit is a konijn.


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